A lot happens before the keys to any new place are delivered.

After the car is gassed up and you stop for a little “just in case” cash, down some caffeine and a healthy bite of breakfast before jumping into the long day ahead.  Whether moving across town or down the street, doing it yourself or having it done, the following list of must-haves should already be set aside in a basket, bucket, box or bag:

  • toilet paper
  • aspirin and other medications
  • boxcutter and scissors
  • bandaids
  • trash bags
  • mobile phone and other device chargers
  • power strip
  • toothpaste and toothbrush
  • hand soap
  • household cleaners and sponges
  • bottled water and snack bars
  • note pad and pens
Be sure to look out for the little ones on moving day and in the days following.

If your move includes Fido or Mittens, keep them out of the way and safe in a pet crate or a separate room while furniture and boxes are being transported on both ends.  Set aside these items so your pet is also ready to go:

  • food/water and bowl
  • medications
  • litter box or crap bags
  • treats
  • leash

Thinking ahead alleviates so much of the stress that accompanies moving day. With a few essential supplies at your fingertips, everyone – even the animals – can stay calm when nature calls.

Generation Condo: Advantages for Every Buyer

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